Lee Pickler, DBA, MBA, MHA, PMP Founder of CGHA

Postings from the CGHA Founder, Dr. Lee Pickler

Michael Jordan, friend and colleague, and I were on the shinkansen returning from Osaka to Tokyo and Mike asked me if the mountain we were passing was Mt. Fuji. I said yes, and would he like to climb it? One thing led to another and we went to Japan just to climb Fuji. The picture is of the two of us at the summit.
An added treat, we went on the following day to Koyasan and spent the night in a Buddhist temple and enjoyed an evening dining experience as well as breakfast.

Below is a picture of tour members from Amano Rehabilitation Hospital in Hiroshima being photographed in Cleveland, Ohio with me and my wife, Carolyn Pickler. The tour was established to visit several healthcare organizations and learn more about the delivery of care in the United States. Dr. Junko Amano, CEO of the hospital, is pictured on the second row.

Meet Kyle posing with me here. I arranged for this young college graduate to go to Vietnam where he taught English for three years. Upon returning Kyle and I had an enjoyable lunch and talked about his experiences in Vietnam. I was in Vietnam briefly in the mid 60’s and returned to Vietnam twice a year for four years to teach Masters and doctoral students in Business. Through my work there, I was able to reach out to some contacts and secure a teaching job for Kyle.