Japanese American Symposium on Healthcare 2014 -- (in JAPAN)

Dr. Lee Pickler and the other team members will once again present their annual symposium on healthcare to an audience of over one hundred Japanese and American healthcare professionals in February.  The symposium will take place in Osaka, Japan on March 1st, 2014 and in Tokyo, Japan on March 2nd, 2014.

Comparing & Contrasting Best Practices in the U.S. and Japan

This forum offers a great opportunity for American and Japanese healthcare professionals to learn best practices from each other in an environment that provokes discussions about some of today’s most pressing issues and questions facing professionals in healthcare organizations. It is very interesting to examine the cultural differences in the two countries and how healthcare delivery is affected, and there are many opportunities to exchange ideas between members of each country aside from the formal presentation times.

Over the years, presenters and presentations have become more valuable as we locate professionals who are able to take the time for the trip to Japan. It is exciting to not only participate but to just observe the interchange of ideas being shared with each other.

This year’s presentations’ time frame, presenters and topics will be as follows:

10:00 – 11:00: Dr. Lee Pickler  will address the Health Care needs of Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) facilities and how they impact the overall acute care setting in the United States.

11:10 – 12:40: Mr. Tim Rolsen will address the past, present and future of LTAC facilities and current legislation impacting the direction of LTACs in the United States.

13:40 – 14:40: Dr Yozo Takehisa and Dr. Hideo Koyama will address the perspectives of LTAC in Japan in Osaka and Tokyo, respectively.

14:40 – 15:40: Mr. Reiichiro Okada will facilitate a discussion and question and answer session.

Further details about locations, etc. (in Japanese):

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