The recent pandemic experience necessitates change in global health care.


On occasion, there are opportunities to offer services to enhance an organization for the overall benefit of the client.
Usually, this is under the umbrella of a uniquely qualified situation. Specific knowledge or sourcing of knowledge along with training and project management for implementation practices in the client organization.

Internship Program

Offers the opportunity for young physicians to observe physicians in their practice that is of interest to the intern. This less formal program affords the learning which instills interest or helps the intern determine other areas to study and launch their career.


Health Care Tours

These tours have taken two entirely different formats. Specialized narrow areas of interest with a small group of tourists, generally ten or twelve seeking detail in a common area of interest. The other format is more general in content with a group of maybe twenty or thirty individuals visiting multiple healthcare organizations. Both formats have worked well with a one-week (five days of activities plus travel) format.

Japan/America Health Care Forum

This annual event has offered a variety of topics important to both the United States and Japan. With speakers offering presentations and discussions with the audience, the forum offers a comfortable learning experience. The programs have been presented in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya and this program has been in operation for twenty years.

2019 Physician Exchange Program

The purpose of the Physician Exchange Program is to provide Japanese and American university medical students and resident physicians the opportunity to observe clinical and administrative practices in each others’ country. This program enables the future healthcare providers to adopt best practices based on their personal observations.

Additionally, visitors to each country will have the privilege of expanding their cultural horizons. The design of the program allows time and encourages social and cultural activities during the brief visit.

2019 Physician Exchange Program

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