Physician/Hospital Conflict Resolution

Dr. Lee Pickler has partnered with Michael Jordan, Esq., of Jordan Resolutions, LLC, on many occasions to deliver talks on topics that span the fields of both their professional specialties.  They are available to co-consult for clients when expertise in both hospital administration, management, and strategic planning and physician/hospital conflict resolution are needed.

Resolving Physician/Hospital Conflicts

Michael Jordan, Esq., of Jordan Resolutions, LLC, is a professional mediator with extensive experience in handling physician/hospital disputes. Such disputes often disrupt the hospital environment and can involve other participants, including members of the nursing staff and patients. Techniques to address and resolve these issues must be practical and effective, and Mr. Jordan can address several that might be useful in any particular situation, including:

  • how to identify factors contributing to the dispute
  • involvement of administrators, nurses, or patients
  • mediation sessions to fashion a joint resolution by the parties to the dispute
  • use of an ombudsman to facilitate intervention in a dispute
  • effective use of a mentor or proctor
  • involvement of a ‘coach’ to help participants identify and redress problem-causing behavior

Mr. Jordan is available to lecture to groups of any size regarding these issues or to become involved as a fact finder, mediator or coach to assist in resolving any existing dispute.

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