Japan American Healthcare Forum Topics

A partial list of Presentation Topics given at the Japan American Healthcare Forum

  • What Are The Characteristics  Of Management Quality
  • What is the answer to “Karoshi” (Working Long Hours to Death) In The Health Care Industry in Japan: A Government Question in the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry
  • Managing Quality Control In The Delivery of Health Care Rehabilitation
  • Hospital Operations and Management in the United States
  • The Role of a Regional Comprehensive Health Care System in the United States as compared with Japan’s Long Term Acute Care
  • Future Characteristics of Japan Health Care Management For Long Term Chronic Care
  • Introduction of Medical Care Cost in the United States
  • Business Sector Self Managing of Health Care Cost
  • The American Health Care System; A work in Process
  • Challenges for Hospitals in Transitioning from Fee For Service to a Prospective Payment System
  • The Function of the Hospital in Serving the patient from Post Acute Care Until Death for the Patient
  • Reasons for Skilled Nursing Facilities in the United States
  • The Trends and Future of Health Care in The United States
  • Will Japan Senior Citizen Health Care Become Similar to the American Long Term Care System