Lectures in Osaka, Fukuoka, and Tokyo, Japan

In a whirlwind week of travel, three presentations are delivered in three cities, while cultural tours of key parks, shrines and historical cities are integrated into the schedule.

An Enlightening Interchange of Ideas

The format of these lectures offers a great opportunity for American and Japanese healthcare professionals to learn best practices from each other in an environment that provokes discussions about some of today’s most pressing issues and questions facing professionals in healthcare organizations. It is very interesting to examine the cultural differences in the two countries and how healthcare delivery is affected, and there are many opportunities to exchange ideas between members of each country aside from the formal presentation times.

Over the years, presenters and presentations have become more valuable as we locate professionals who are able to take the time for the trip to Japan. Each presentation city, Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo have unique cultural attributes and sites of interest for the guest presenters. It is exciting to not only participate but to just observe the interchange of ideas being shared with each other.

The topics most always change so many participants in the seminars are people we are familiar with from past workshops. It is always a pleasure to meet people we have worked with and learned from in the past. Sometimes we learn what the management team of one healthcare organization is doing based on prior seminar content. It is good to see participants who have also visited the United States in the physician/intern visitation program.

Osaka and Tokyo